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HCV Program Info

Safe, decent & affordable housing.


The Scranton Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) (Section 8) program provides rental assistance to families and individuals with incomes between 30% and 50% of the median income for Scranton City.  Income-eligible individuals and families may then rent affordable housing on the private market.

HCV clients are permitted to choose where they want to live as long as the rent has been determined to be reasonable, the unit meets the requirements of the HCV program and passes current inspection standards, and the client will not be paying more than 40% of their income in rent and utilities. 

A family’s housing needs change over time due to changes in family size, job locations, and for other reasons.  The HCV program is designed to allow families to move without the loss of rental assistance.  Moves are permissible as long as the family notifies the SHA prior to moving, terminates its existing lease following the appropriate provisions, and finds acceptable alternate housing. 

HCVs are movable anywhere within the United States and its territories as long as there is a housing authority operating in the area where the client wants to transfer.  To exercise this option, you need to check with the SHA for any restrictions. 

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